Food grade Cleaner fluids
Food grade Cleaner fluids


Lubrichem Cleaner series is a readily Biodegradable solvent degreaser leaving no residues after evaporation. Lubrichem Cleaner series are safe alternative to more hazardous products like Kerosine, White Spirit and even dearomatised Solvents..
Lubrichem Cleaner series easily removes oil, grease, and other contaminants. Lubrichem Cleaner series can be used for dewaxing and removal of other coatings.
Suitable to clean surfaces before repainting or bonding.
Because of the restless evaporation Lubrichem Cleaner
series are also suitable for the cleaning of electrical and electronic components.


Manual Cleaning; apply Lubrichem Cleaner series to the surface by spraying, paintbrush or trigger. Use stiff brush when required for heavy pollution and wipe away deposits with cloth.
Lubrichem Cleaner series can be used in degreasing stations and units

Dipping tank; leave the part in the fluid for at least 10-15 minutes for the fluid to have enough contact time. For improved cleaning performance heating of Lubrichem Cleaner series is recommended up to 40 C. To avoid evaporation of the fluid a closed lid on the dipping tank is recommended.
Ultrasonic tank; the use of Lubrichem Clean series in Ultrasonic tanks is similar to the use in dipping tanks. Frequency can be set on 25 kHz
Parts Washers; after use Lubrichem Cleaner series parts can be left to dry in the ambient air.
Drying times depends on the ambient temperature. Elevated temperatures (up to 40 C) and forced air extraction will contribute to quicker drying times.


  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Very low Hazard to user
  • Very low odor
  • Relatively high flashpoint
  • Lubrichem Cleaner series can be reused
  • Very low VOC’s