Lubrichem DDO
Lubrichem DDO
Lubrichem DDO is produced from highly refined vegetable base oil (edible vegetable oil with sunflower lecithin (E-322) to warrant a trouble free and extremely clean operation when used as a dough divider oil. Both products offers direct contact lubrication in dough dividing applications in case the use of mineral lubricants are not allowed because of local of domestic regulations.
Lubrichem DDO is suitable for use as dough divider oil and 3-H approved for direct contact with foodstuff. Ensures excellent release of dough in bowls, chutes, choppers and dividers in bakery processes. Lubrichem DDO can be applied by spraying, brushing and centralized lubrication.
Note: Allergens: This product is produced only from FDA listed ingredients which are free from animal derived materials, nut oils, soya, dairy and genetically modified ingredients.
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • High stability to oxidation
  • Resistant to gum formation
  • No odour on finished product and does not affect taste
  • Can be applied with automatic spray systems, hand spray or brush
  • Better preservation of materials
  • Does not contain paraffin components