Food grade Grease
Food grade Grease
Lubrichem Grease series is specially developed for applications where a food grade grease with very low temperature characteristics is required.
This grease is designed for the lubrication of bearings and other applications in cold-store plants and freezing tunnels and chambers. Also to lubricate ‘cold equipment’ like air-conditioning fans and refrigerators. Furthermore suitable for:
  • Low temp operated mechanisms in ski stations
  • Bearings and general mechanisms in the cold areas of drink bottling plants
  • Fluid valves and taps operated at  extremely low temperatures
  • Lubrication of pump bearings in low temp circuits
  • Chains and drives in cryogenic chambers
  • Conveyor trucks and plain bearings in freezing chambers etc.
  • Wide temperature range
  • Superior lubricating capacity
  • Suitable for high speed bearings
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Long life lubricant, slow aging